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Boon Africa is a fully inclusive Construction Company based in Boksburg. From initial design to final clean up, our results speak for themselves. With operations running since 2010 and a team of professionals who prioritize top quality service, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the excellent results we’ll deliver. Boon's expertise extends further into Logistics, Clearing, Forwarding, Importation and Exportation, Tax in Africa and BBBEE Consultation.



What We Offer

At Boon Africa, all of our products meet the strictest standards of safety and quality. We refuse to sell a low quality of any kind, to any of our clients. Years of working at Boon Africa have taught us that a big part of building a strong foundation is choosing adequate products to work with. More importantly, we’re invested in keeping our clients safe through sturdy constructions that will last a lifetime.


The People Who Make Us Who We Are

Muhammadh Shuayb Amod Chief Executive Officer CEO Boon Africa
Matimba Nkatingi Boo Africa Managing Director


The People Who Keep Us Successful

Sofia Saib Boon Africa Finance Manager
Phontious Mashele Boon Africa Admin Manager


Muzzammil Boon Africa

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